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We support missionaries in Nigeria.

We also support the Suzanna Home. This is a home for orphans in Nigeria. In the pictures you will see Prince Ituen and his family. He is preaching the word of God to his people. The pictures also show Bible studies with the local congergation as well as with individual people.

The school of preaching trains preachers to preach the word of God. This school also teaches the locals how to read and write. The school earns money and provides food for their staff and students by gardening. The local Churches of Christ offer a Raido Program to help reach more people throughout the country.

Outreach Northeast N. Pulaski church of Christ
9009 Barber St. Sherwood, AR 72120

Outreach Northeast was first known as the Pennsylvania Mission Team, then Campaigns Northeast, Northeast/Southeast, and now Outreach Northeast. This coming summer will be number 50 for our mission efforts in eastern USA. Over the past 49 years we have had over 450 outreach efforts, involving over 2,500 different student workers (103 the summer of 1974), and resulting in more than 3,000 baptisms. Our greatest number of baptisms during one summer was 237 around 1972. Even though our world is rapidly changing, we still get contacts. Visible results are coming more often during the follow up work after the conclusion of our visiting in the communities than during the team effort.  This past summer we left around 80 contacts in Dayton, OH; 60 in Endwell, NY; and 40 in Connellsville, PA. Congregations are now studying with contacts.

Opportunities for the summer of 2013. We are seeking congregations who will host an outreach effort. Our work now includes 8 to 10 workers during a two week period. Openings are available for a team to work two weeks as early as the middle of May and ending as late as the middle of July. The following are purposed dates for the 4 summer outreach efforts.

May 10 (arrive)-May 24 (leave)
May 24 (arrive)-June 7 (leave)
June 7 (arrive)–June 21  (leave)
June 21 (arrive)-July 12 (leave)

At this time we are sending information to a number of congregations and are accepting applications, first apply first accepted. Four outreach efforts are all we can fill this coming summer, so send for an application soon so you will be sure to get an open date. If a congregation knows it will not prepare to do the follow up work, it should not apply for an outreach team. If your congregation is interested in an outreach effort, please send for an application at the e-mail address listed below this message. A manual can be sent to you by e-mail if you need further information.

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